Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Burnin' a hole in my pocket.

Well, my guilt at disappearing for so long came to a head today and I'm back! I was inexplicably social and busy job hunting for a couple of weeks there and then took a week to decompress.

One of the things I did in the weeks I was absent was attend the first night of the Pitchfork Music Festival with my best pals Ryan and Lisa. Good times, if you ignore the fact that the sound was way too quiet for a Sonic Youth show. Or any other show for that matter, really. Whatevs. (Yeah, I said it.) They played Daydream Nation in its entirety and that's all that matters.

Before my unplanned sabbatical, I promised a slew of SY covers and today I deliver. The timing seems particularly right since rumor (or should I say rumour?) has it the Guardian mentioned C,R? recently and that, obviously, rules. Welcome to any new readers/listeners!

  • Black Tape for a Blue Girl "Shadow of a Doubt" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • The Faint "Mote" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • Camper Van Beethoven "I Love Her All the Time" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • BM Linx "100 Percent" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • Vincent Gillioz "Silver Rocket" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • Red Martian "Chapel Hill" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • Charlotte Greig "Cotton Crown" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • Stationary Odyssey "Dirty Boots" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • The Go! Team "Bull in the Heather" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • Mudhoney "Halloween" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • Brother James "White Cross" (Sonic Youth cover)

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs "The Diamond Sea" (Sonic Youth cover)

    Jack Feerick said...

    Idolator loves you, too. And so do I.

    That Yeah Yeah Yeahs track is amazing. I vastly prefer it to the original, mostly, because the YYYs know when enough is enough.

    Anonymous said...

    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are snoozeville, buddy.

    Jack Feerick said...

    They speak very highly of you...

    J Frank Parnell said...

    And the new reissue of Daydream Nation collects a handful of nifty covers that appeared elsewhere around the time of the album. Sonic Youth isn't immune to butchering someone else's work, but these are mostly great (beefheart, neil young, etc). Maybe you posted these in the past, and I wouldn't be surprised if you had. You're a machine.

    As for the YYY's cover, that's the first time I've heard the YYYs lift someone else's sound (Cat Power, here) and style completely. Other than Siouxsie Sioux's.

    Jack Feerick said...

    Yeah, because Cat Power invented the acoustic guitar.

    Jesus. You guys.

    JG said...

    i thought i was going to haaaate some of these but i really liked 'em. ta!

    syma said...

    thanks for all the Sonic Youth covers!!
    I really like that stationary odyssey cover of Dirty Boots

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for all the covers! I hope that the job hunt goes well and that you're able to stay in Chicago.

    J Frank Parnell said...

    Acoustic guitar? Didn't notice. Sorry for not being specific: Karen O's pipes, on this one, and her phrasing, were lifted from Chan Marshall, who has to be about 10 years older, although the way billyburg-ites hide their ages, I wouldn't be surprised if O was on the higher side of 35. And jesus you guy: acoustic guitar was a sidetrack for cat power -- her first forays were quite loud, and with Sonic Youth personnel (and then later with Dirty Three members, before she made her way into Pottery Barn-soundtrack music with The Greatest), if you knew. We could call out the style-lifting other 2/3 of the YYYs if we wanted.

    If you used acoustic guitar I thought that meant you were a protest singer.

    Jamie said...

    How to ruin the beautiful subtlety of Shadow Of A Doubt in 4 minutes.

    Chris Foresman said...

    Um, did you totally miss Slint or what? They fucking ruled.

    jody said...

    you must be smoking opium (or maybe not smoking enough?) if you think that yyys cover is even in the same league as the original.

    also, i'm seriously considering putting a bounty on the heads of anyone involved with the faint.

    Lobstar said...

    Chris- Yes, I missed Slint on purpose because I've never been that into them and I didn't want to be in Union park for hours on end.

    RED MARTIAN said...

    Thank you for finding the compilation of DIRTY covers which was the final project by Valentine Records in Manchester before they called it quits. We're Red Martian and I'm glad to see someone enjoying these versions.

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