Sunday, April 06, 2008

Finding "treasure" in the dark.

Too much coffee too late in the day PLUS too much beer even later in the day PLUS today's thrift-score glasses and mugs PLUS free association PLUS YouTube EQUALS this:







Yeah. I'd apologize, but I'm really not that sorry.


Peter said...

Oh man...which thrift store?

Lobstar said...

Heh. A Goodwill in Lansing, IL. Their mug selection is the only good thing about the place though.

quetzalcoatlus said...

I know someone who used to think "The Reflex" contained the line "The leaflets is a lonely trowel waiting in the park", and in this version that same line sounds like "the reflex is an only child sweating in the pork". Still, I couldn't jam that out on the keyboard like that.

Charles C Stirk Jr said...

This was a fun post .... Thanks

John said...

Ha, I've got a mug like that 'Matt' one. It was given to me years ago by a relative - It bears the name 'John' and has the exact same poem.

Lobstar said...

Q- Heh. I love mishearings like that.

C- Thanks!

J- I guess lots of people with lots of names are gifted and talented. Good to know!

-B- said...

That drummer is so awesome!