Thursday, November 08, 2007

What's the attraction in what they're doing?

  • Tommy Keene "Carrie Anne" (Hollies cover)
    This is one of my favorite '60s pop songs, but I have to admit I always found myself curious about the games of pretend played by British children. "I played the janitor/ You played a monitor"??? Weird. I was always Wonder Woman or the Virgin Mary or something. But, yeah, janitors are cool. Way to strive for realism in your fantasies, freaks!

    Also, long-time powerpopper Tommy Keene rules.

  • The Shivvers "Hey Deanie" (Shaun Cassidy cover/comp. Eric Carmen)
    The first version of this song I loved was, of course, Shaun Cassidy's. Carmen later recorded it himself, but originally he wrote it for Shaun's album Born Late—or "Born Cute" if you refer to the repeated sloppy writing of 5-year-old me (see below)—along with my personal favorite "That's Rock 'n' Roll," which has the cheesiest lyrics ever. (And which I will personally cover on my own all-covers album that will probably never really exist. A realistic dream to be sure, but at least I'm not pretending to be a janitor!)

    When I was in the first grade, my Catholic school held a talent show in the rectory's annex and a gal with a short haircut wore a shiny satin jacket and blue jeans and lip synched a Shaun Cassidy song as her friends played adoring fans who rushed the stage. I was 6 years old and thought it was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen. I'm 35 now and it still ranks pretty high.

    Also, Milwaukee's own female-led powerpoppers The Shivvers ruled.
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    Anonymous said...

    "Freaks"?! Well bless my imaginary vagina! "Monitor" more than likely refers to Milk Monitor, the kid who got to be in charge of dishing out the free milk to their (pre-teen) school mates.

    Now I write that down it seems rather a dodgy game, esp. as janitors always had a kind of creepy sexual vibe to them (in the subconcsiouness of kids in school, that is).

    Maybe you;re right, then. We were weird. But I don;tever recall anyone actually playing THAT game. It was always Doctors & Nurses round my parts (pun entirely intended).