Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You're everything that I've imagined.

There's a new tribute album out there to high school movies of the 1980s called High School Reunion, and I really wanted to like it. It's chock-full of people I like, such as Kristen Hersh, Matthew Sweet, the Dresden Dolls and John P. Strohm. And yet it's quite possibly one of the most boring albums I've ever subjected myself to. The tracks aren't different enough to excite me and I'd much rather listen to the originals. Plus, the whole "let's do songs from '80s movies" schtick has been done and done and done and done. And all of those are better and far more interesting.

[While I'm linking to CD Baby—see last "done" link above—I should probably mention that you die-hard covers fans are missing out if you're not shopping there pretty regularly. Just type the word "tribute" or "cover" into their search engine, and let the good times roll. They're having a sale on a handful of items right now and you can preview tracks before buying and it's a just plain awesome covers resource.]

Aaanyhoooo, the pointlessness of High School Reunion got me thinking about one of my favorite '80s tribute albums, Tannis Root Presents: Freedom of Choice. This was a Planned Parenthood benefit album that came out during my sophomore year of college that I wore the hell out of. I was not a big fan of the grunge movement, per se, but I appreciated the fact that most of the bands were able to take songs with which I was very familiar and make them their own without mauling them completely.

I've posted a track or two from Freedom of Choice in the past, but I couldn't narrow down which to include here. Therefore I'm doing two things I've never done: reposting tracks I'd previously posted AND posting an entire album at once. I doubt it will be here very long, so get it while you can. And, really, it wouldn't kill you to buy it somewhere either new or used. It's a great addition to any tribute collection and is also a great "blare while you're cleaning your apartment" CD.

  • 01 Sonic Youth "Ca Plane Pour Moi" (Plastic Bertrand cover)
  • 02 The Muffs "Rock and Roll Girl" ([Paul Collins'] Beat cover)
  • 03 Erectus Monotone "Destination Unknown" (Missing Persons cover)
  • 04 Redd Kross "How Much More" (Go-Go's cover)
  • 05 Tiny Lights "5'1"" (Iggy Pop cover)
  • 06 Mudhoney "Pump it Up" (Elvis Costello cover)
  • 07 Das Damen "The Wait" (Pretenders cover)
  • 08 Finger "Tainted Love" (Soft Cell cover)
  • 09 It's OK "Wishing" (Flock of Seagulls cover)
  • 10 Yo La Tengo "Dreaming" (Blondie cover)
  • 11 White Flag "Wuthering Heights" (Kate Bush cover)
  • 12 The Connells "I Got You" (Split Enz cover)
  • 13 Big Dipper "Homosapien" (Pete Shelley cover)
  • 14 Polvo "Mexican Radio" (Wall of Voodoo cover)
  • 15 Hypnolovewheel "Antmusic" (Adam and the Ants cover)
  • 16 Chia Pet "Don't You Want Me Baby" (Human League cover)
  • 17 Permanent Green Light "Hero Worship" (B-52's cover)
  • 18 Superchunk "Girl U Want" (Devo cover)
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