Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe someday.

Here's a random-as-ever post. Sorry for the gap between posts, but it's difficult to be inspired to post here when I'm emotionally and financially down and out concerning the fact that I've been looking for work for nearly 8 months to no avail. I'd heard from friends in the past few years how god-awful the job market is now, and now I'm soaking in it. I'm hoping to get over the feeling that I should abandon this blog altogether until I'm gainfully employed, but I must admit it's a thought that occurs to me regularly. When I can barely pay my bills, it seems silly to pay for web hosting, you know?

Heh. I'll try to be less depressing next time.

  • The Wonderstuff "That's Entertainment" (The Jam cover)

  • Royal City "Is this It" (The Strokes cover)

  • The Pernice Brothers "Talk of the Town" (The Pretenders cover)

  • The Mr. T Experience "Crash" (The Primitives cover)

  • Guild of Ages "Hungry Like the Wolf" (Duran Duran cover)

  • Frenzal Rhomb "We Built This City" (Starship cover)

  • The Fiery Furnaces "Winter" (The Fall cover)

  • Eva Luna "Little Lies" (Fleetwood Mac cover)

  • Colony 5 "The Great Commandment" (Camouflage cover)

    asaf said...

    First off, that Strokes cover is wonderful. You seriously made my day. I always thought that song deserved better.
    It seems you enjoy this blog, and that's important even if you're out of work. I don't know much about how web hosting works but I'm sure your loyal and loving readers will be ok with the free-yet-full-of-ads file hosting services for a while.
    good luck with the job hunting...

    D Scott said...


    I concur with asaf, but also speak from having been where you are right now. I'm in your age bracket and was forced to abandon my blog after job searching for nearly two years. I wish I hadn't, because it is tough to get back to and something I really enjoyed. Keep your head up (that's what people kept saying to me) and, even if you are forced to switch to free hosting, your readers will stick with you. -D

    Anonymous said...

    Not that you asked for it, but here's my advice: Do you enjoy writing this blog? Is it something that gives you a bit of pleasure, and helps you forget the stuff that's dragging you down? If so, it's a good use of your limited resources - you need to have something that brings you joy, now more than ever. On the other hand, is it starting to feel like work? Do you do it more out of a sense of obligation than a sense of satisfaction? Then by all means, let it go for a while or for good. I for one really appreciate what you do here, but let's face it - you don't owe me (or anyone else) anything. Take a break if you must, or pack it in - but if you look forward to your work here, then relish that for your own sake. Either way, thanks for the great music you have provided here. Take care of yourself, though, m'kay?

    Anonymous said...

    Some temp services pay pretty decent (not great, but better than minimum wage). Also, check with your nearest state police post...they're almost always hiring dispatchers. May not be what you want, but the pay and benefits are often hard to turn down.

    josh Mueller said...

    I've been out since august as well. I've got two more months till I'll have to leave NYC :( Let's hope the best for both of us damn soon!

    Anonymous said...

    You know, comments like the one posted earlier really upset me. It seems people forget that when you give something, whether it be money or a gift, once you hand it over, it's the receivers to do with what they like. You don't give something and then place restrictions on what should be done with it.
    As far as I can remember, you've always given your music and your knowledge of it freely.
    Please don't let these negative comments wipe out all the great comments you receive. I for one am greatful and appreciative of what you've done. Whether you keep the blog up or not, thank you for everything.
    Don't give up, you have so much to offer.

    San Luis Obispo, CA

    Leah said...

    I agree with Elia- a donation is a donation, plain and simple. I donated some cash last month because I'm truly entertained by this blog- I've discovered (thanks to you) some great tunes, and shared them with friends. It would never occur to me to be upset that I wasn't getting a return on my investment- and that's because it's not an investment, it's a donation.

    People need to lighten up and not give money they can't afford if it's going to create expectations. Please. This is a music blog. It's fun. It's worth supporting. The end.

    Lobstar said...

    Asaf, D., Kosh, Elah, Elia, et. al.-

    thanks for the kind, supportive words. I appreciate it.


    Anonymous said...

    Ignore the ungrateful hater. I love your blog and I'm always excited to see a new post but totally understand why there's not a constant stream.

    Good luck finding a job.


    Anonymous said...

    i am german and live in berlin and miss you already blogging.
    i just wanted to tell you that a lot of people love what you did. thanks from me.