Friday, March 30, 2007

Remember that special night when all of the stars were shining bright?

Just a quick entry to direct you to what is currently my favorite downloadable-on-MySpace cover, Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait A While" by Dublin band the Future Kings of Spain. The original holds a special place in my heart because I danced to it with a dorky boy I liked at a school dance my freshman year of high school and he kissed me. Of course, all of my giddy glee about it was ruined months later (after he and I had made out) and he started dating one of my best friends. Of course, he had been dating another of my best friends before he and I hooked up, so I guess what goes around comes around. In retrospect it all seems ridiculous that any of us would have ever liked him at all in the first place. That he's since become a cop does not help. (Note to any cop who might be reading: I'm sure you're one of the cool ones.)

As for the Future Kings of Spain, I'm digging them. I learned of them via another cover they did, a unique J. Mascis-esque version of Todd Rundgren's "Love of the Common Man," which I'll likely post in my next entry later today or tomorrow.


eliza said...

V. nice. So, have you heard the cover of This Charming Man from Stars?

Lobstar said...

E- Yes, I have heard that.

Anonymous said...


Lobstar said...

Anon- "Blasphemy"? Which part?

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