Friday, March 02, 2007

They'll call us lonely when we're really just alone.

  • Some Girls "He's On Drugs Again" (Sardina cover)
    Years ago, I posted a live version of this cover that was cut off at the end. At last, a studio version now exists and I'm happy to share it. To read about who Sardina, the original artist, is, check that old entry. Beware, however, as the links are likely now defunct. Luckily, the awesome Musical Family Tree has tons of Sardina tracks available for free download, including the entire Presents album, from which the original comes. Seriously, it's a brilliant pop album and you should download it now.

  • Lulu "He's Sure the Boy I Love" (The Crystals cover)
    I love the Crystals so much I can't believe more people haven't covered this song. It's my favorite.

  • Groove da Praia "Used to Love Her" (Guns N' Roses cover)
    Thanks (or blame) goes to the Bossa n' series for Bossa n' Roses comp. Because we totally needed jazz-lounge songs about drugs, murder and other politically incorrect things.

  • Coil "All the Pretty Little Horses" (Traditional)
    Possibly a little too bleak and ominous for a lullaby, but it's Coil. What would you expect?

  • Academic Village People (AVP) "Policy of Truth" (Depeche Mode cover)
    You love college a cappella and you know it. Unless, like me, it kind of creeps you out more than the Coil lullaby.

  • Mathilde Santing "Oblivious" (Aztec Camera cover)
    Another song I can't believe hasn't been covered more frequently. This is the new-wave jam!

  • Moonshine Willy "Complicated Game" (XTC cover)
    It's unclear to me why the track listing on the album from which this comes lists the title as the plural "Complicated Games," but it's obviously the XTC song "Complicated Game." And it's quite a fun alt-country version.

  • Bohemian Vendetta "Satisfaction" (Rolling Stones cover)
    I think a reader sent me this '60s psych gem a while back. My apologies for not remembering who, particularly since I love it.

  • Trio "Wake Up" (Yoko Ono cover)
    I must admit hating "Da Da Da" with a passion, but my love for Yoko and anyone who covers her songs erases that hatred somewhat.

  • David Miller "Narrow Your Eyes" (They Might Be Giants cover)
    I might be the only TMBG fan who lists "Narrow Your Eyes" among her favorites, but I do. And this power-poppy version doesn't make me retch, so hooray!
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    The Damsel said...

    I alos list "Narrow Your Eyes" among my favorites, so you are no longer alone.