Monday, June 18, 2007

Try this trick and spin it. Yeah.

I heart Mr. Hopkinson's Computer.


Andreas said...

this reminds me of 386dx from russia. same concept but with much older hardware. brilliant live show too ;)

GJ said...

It's fantastic - thanks for posting this.


drunkcountry said...


we consider this a proposal. & we accept.

sweet, sweet, sweet find.

x DC

Andrew said...


mr_hopkinson said...

Thank you for posting this.


And yes 386dx is an influence - I saw him perform years ago (1999?) on that very same stage actually!

He's similar in that he used synthetic vocals, but deliberately nasty default MIDI sounds, which I really dig, but with what I'm doing I'm trying to go for an uncanny emotional hit playing with studio tricks that imply feeling, rather than sap anthems of their soul which I think was his stance ( for the recordings that is . . . see ).

The 386dx performance is also similar but different I think in that there was no personification of computer . . . he ( the human, Alexei Shulgin ) wore a keyboard with a guitar strap and started up his general midi files off an, even then, ancient pc ( 386 processor ). . . great stuff, and charming in his shrugging onstage dealing with persistent crashes when I saw him, but again a different take on a similar thing.

Something more directly like my thing is Eedie & Eddie And The Reggaebots, which someone directed me to recently, in that their song is 'introduced' by the computer performers . . .

There's many others doing, or have done stuff, that overlap if different ways . . . pretty obivous recommendations to check out would be Cylob, and Lassigue Bendthaus who uses a vocoder ( treated human voice ) rather than synthesized speech, but does interesting cover choices . . . guess as hardened cover lovers you all know SchneiderTM's the light 3000 too by now yes!?

mr_hopkinson said...

PS . . . Just found a 386dx performance on youtube !