Thursday, September 20, 2007

They could knock me off my feet until I'm flat on the floor.

A little over a year ago I posted a great country cover of Mariah Carey's "My All" by Chicago band Devin & The Straights and said that I couldn't wait to see them live. Well, I did wait quite a long time. I had just missed their set the night I saw Textbook Committee and Farewell Captain at the Beat Kitchen, so my next option was to head to Chicago's big gay street festival, Northalsted Market Days, in August to see them. Besides, their adorable former band member and longtime Copy, Right? reader and subsequent Internet friend Landon joined them on vocals and harmonica, so I felt particularly driven toward my goal. They did not disappoint. Charming, funny, gay, straight, talented and prone to performing covers? If that's not up my alley, I'm not sure what is. Luckily, I got some video. Hooray for modern technology and digital cameras with halfway decent video recording capabilities!

D&TS covering "Jackson" (comp. Lieber/Wheeler):

D&TS covering Cher's "Just Like Jesse James":

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Ekko said...

Hey, great one. Forgive the shameless self promotion, but I put a lot of work into a three-part Rolling Stones covers project--hoping your readers would be interested. Here's the link to part 2:

Thanks for all you do.