Thursday, April 03, 2008

The biology of purpose keeps my nose above the surface.

  • Trembling Blue Stars "Coming Up for Air" (The Go-Betweens cover)

  • The Dirtbombs "King's Lead Hat" (Brian Eno cover)

  • Girls Aloud "With Every Heartbeat" (Robyn cover)
    Guess who's going to the Robyn show in May? ME! Guess who's glad it isn't a Girls Aloud show instead? Me again! I'm also the one who wishes she could coax any of her singer-type guy friends to videotape themselves covering Robyn songs and add them to YouTube. Like this:

  • Girls Under Glass "Frozen" (Madonna cover)
    Ah, gothy, industrial techno! Dammit if you still don't hold a place in my (16-year-old) heart!

  • Joey Yung "Crush" (Jennifer Paige cover)

  • Kentucky Prophet "Making the Nature Scene" (Sonic Youth cover)
    Dear dorky, chubby white guys who make crazy homemade jams like this: Keep on keepin' on, my brothers.

  • Nemesis "The Shape of Things to Come" (from Wild in the Streets, comp. Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil)
    My favorite '60s cult movie, Wild in the Streets, has been on cable a lot recently and I watch it each time. This prompted me to grab the first cover of this track I had at the ready. Sadly, this is not by the gay Mormon brothers from the reality TV show and is, instead, by a Virginian prog metal outfit. Or maybe that's for the best, really.

  • New Buffalo "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" (Nina Simone cover, comp. Bennie Benjamin, Gloria Caldwell and Sol Marcus)
    This is the chick who wrote Fesit's hit, "1234."

  • The Sisters Euclid "Cinnamon Girl" (Neil Young cover)
    Admittedly, the prospect of listening to a bluesy, experimental, instrumental all-Neil-Young covers album from Canada didn't excite me. But I have to admit it's pretty interesting. It wouldn't be my cup of tea most days, but it suited me just fine tonight.

  • Sondre Lerche "Night and Day" (comp. Cole Porter)

  • The Vitamin String Quartet "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" (Arcade Fire cover)
    I have to admit that, as much as I mock them and their seemingly endless permeation into my consciousness, string quartet tributes sometimes aren't all that bad. Or maybe they are but I just get in the mood for bad stuff more frequently than most. All things are possible.

  • Subway Knife "Please Freeze Me" (Guided by Voices cover)

  • Tinyfolk "Five Years" (David Bowie cover)
    I'm kind of in a Tinyfolk phase. All of their covers delight me.

  • Yngwie Malmsteen "Magical Mystery Tour" (Beatles cover)
    This comes from an album called Butchering the Beatles, but honestly? It gets a lot worse than this.

    tinyfolk said...

    I'm glad you like our covers so much! Anything specific you'd like to hear us do? I can't promise anything (sometimes my fingers just don't seem to want to play certain songs, i'm not really that technically proficient) but I'd like to try!

    Charles C Stirk Jr said...

    You always make me seem so much more cool then I am .. A client walked in why the music was playing ..

    This was a great pick me up


    whymeiry said...

    killer post! thanks.

    Forest Jefferson said...

    What is this Robyn famous for?

    Lobstar said...

    Tinyfolk- You seem to be picking good covers on your own!

    Forest- I'm not sure what you're driving at (i.e. are you honestly curious or are you insulting my taste?), but Robyn is a Swedish dance/pop singer. She used to be more on an R&B bent, but her latest album is a quirky hip-hop influenced record that is all the rage with indie blogger types like myself.

    parqbench said...

    Speaking of the Dirtbombs' Eno cover, there's a cover of the cover over on WFMU's Beware of the Blog performed by their own Maria Levitsky, resplendent in pillbox hat.