Monday, May 31, 2004

Beauty can be sad.

Let's face it, I'm still drunk from the barbecue I attended earlier and I'm just picking a few covers still on my hard drive after my big "Holy shit, my computer is about to bite it for real this time and I'd better save and delete as much as I can so that I don't have to reboot it every few seconds" freak-out. I'm guessing a new PC will be mine by the end of June and I'll be able to store (and subsequently post) way more songs on a far more regular basis. Until then, this is what you get. Sorry.

  • LR "Universal Heart-Beat" (Juliana Hatfield cover)
    Apparently a group of crazed Juliana Hatfield fans put together a double-disc set of Blake Babies/JH covers and this is one part of the result. Ah, rabid Juliana Hatfield fans ... it doesn't matter how much you suck, I still find you amusing. Speaking of maniacal JH fans and me being amused, I think there should be some hot Juliana slash out there in which she has a threesome with John and Freda after fighting about the order of songs on the set list for an upcoming show. See, the tension would get unbearable and they'd have to release it somehow. That would rule.

  • Arab Strap "You Shook Me All Night Long" (AC/DC cover)
    There's nothing worse than a song about fucking that just isn't sexy at all. Maybe it's the sheer number of college parties populated by mulleted townies at which I've heard this "classic," but I was pretty sure I never needed to hear it again as long as I lived. Now, hearing it in this loud, Scottish brogue, it never sounded so damned sexy, I swear. Maybe it's the High Life talking, but I'm all for it. Perhaps some Arab Strap fanfic in which I suck Aidan Moffet's cock in the recording studio (a la that scene in The Doors) would be more fulfilling than the aforementioned Blake Babies slash. I'd better get on that.
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