Tuesday, October 12, 2004

There's such a lot of world to see.

No rhyme or reason to today's selection. Just stuff that's hitting my shuffle play lately.

  • The Frogs "Vacation" (Go-Go's cover)
    Holy God, the Frogs are insane. But you gotta give it up for a cover I started off hating but wound up liking the more I heard it. The playful irreverence grew on me, what can I say? As for the bulk of the vocals: I won't tell on them for kidnapping the cast of a grammar-school production of Oliver! if you won't. Definitely one of the most unique covers available on Unsealed: A Tribute to the Go-Go's. "Whatever!" indeed.

  • Elbow "Independent Woman" (Destiny's Child cover)
    An interesting novelty, I guess. Not even half as impressive as their original work, of course. Click here to see Joel Veitch's all-kitten band version.

  • The Innocence Mission "Moon River" (Andy Williams, among others, cover)
    I can't believe this Christian-rock Sundays sound-alike is still together. This is my friend Ray's favorite version of this song. It's pretty.

    Also: Thanks to all those who've sent e-mails or left comments of support and/or information about songs I've posted in the past. Though I might not be able to respond to everyone individually, I do quite appreciate it.
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