Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I've got a driver, and that's a start.

I've had a cold for ages and finally went to a doctor. She gave me hydrocodone, which was a pretty cool trip until my body started to reject it and I freaked the hell out. May the following tracks make you feel as if you're on narcotics as well.

  • Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney "Ignition" (R. Kelly cover)
    Okay, I'd let these pros behind my wheel any day. Whiny indie rock boys thuggin' it out? Yeah, I'd let their lovin' in my trunk, if you know what I mean. (And I'm sure you do.)

  • Johnny Hollow "People are Strange" (Doors cover)
    If there were a 2005 remake of The Lost Boys, this cover should replace the one Echo and the Bunnymen did for the original. This is far more horrorshow.

  • Cristina "Drive My Car (Long Version)" (Beatles cover)
    Those of you who are currently down with Swedish (edit: Norwegian, sorry!) dance-pop sensation Annie, might want to check out the work Cristina put out in the '80s. It's Girls at Our Best! meets the B-52s at a party held by the Flirts where Dale Bozzio gets drunk and takes off her plastic bra.

  • Tom Waits "Heigh-Ho!" (from Disney's Snow White)
    This is the version the dwarves sing in hell.
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