Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Who sang what now?

I'll preface this post full of songs you wouldn't imagine being covered by the people covering them by mentioning a cover I've seem linked a few different places today: NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" as covered by Nina Gordon (ex-Veruca Salt). Yeah. Um. I don't like it. [Better] Indie artists singing rap songs is pretty predictable nowadays and I don't find anything spectacular about her following suit. Of course, I have a deep-seated dislike of Nina Gordon that's partially based on being forced to listen to her whine the insipid lyrics of songs like "Horses in the City" at a listening party years ago and being reprimanded by an acquaintance for making fun of it all with my best gal pal Lisa. But, I digress. Her covers are okay, I guess, and you can get the aforementioned track along with a few others (I'm partial to "Nobody's Fool," myself) by visiting her site.

  • Lemar "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" (The Darkness cover)
    I certainly didn't foresee an R&B cover of this nu-glam smash coming our way, but then again, I'm rarely looking for any modern R&B covers of anything.

  • Nancy Sinatra "Let Me Kiss You" (Morrissey cover)
    I love Nancy Sinatra. Love her. And her recent self-titled, chock-full-of-covers album makes me feel warm inside like I just downed four shots of Jack Daniels. (The Jarvis Cocker-penned "Don't Let him Waste Your Time" is my current favorite.)

  • Lindsay Lohan "Don't Move On/Living for the City/Changes" (Marty Blasick [producer and songwriter], Stevie Wonder, and David Bowie cover medley)
    As you probably well know, I really have a thing for starfucking good girls gone bad and Lindsay is totally my girl, yo, but I really can't defend this. Perhaps I need to see Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen to put it all in context so I can understand its deeper meaning, thus forcing me to reevaluate my opinion. Um. Or not.

  • Faces of Sarah "...Baby One More Time" (Britney Spears cover)
    Soooooooo many people in sooooooooooo many genres have covered this song, from lounge acts to Scot pop hipsters to power-punk bands to reggae gals to Zappas. And still I was surprised to find this. I guess I have an unrealistic idea in my head that goth bands would be too cool and aloof to want to even acknowledge the existence of popular artists. 'Cause god knows I wouldn't have when I was all gothed out. (I know it's hard for younger readers out there to imagine, but there was a time when irony wasn't cool and things actually had to be old before we got nostalgic for them.) But in this day and age, I bet this is probably one of their most popular numbers and at least a handful of their fans go in the hopes they'll hear it. And that's good for the band. Every ticket sold helps contribute a little bit to the next mesh shirt or pewter ankh pendant. Ahhhhh. Goth. Now, those were the days.
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