Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The honesty's too much.

As couple of things first:

  • I wish I could post more stuff and more often and I keep having fantasies that one day I'll be able to afford a domain and lots of webspace and it just isn't happening. So, my apologies for the infrequency of my posts.
  • I don't want anyone to be offended, but I'm not really into taking requests. If you think I might have a cover you've been looking for, feel free to e-mail me (bigfatprettyface AT yahoo DOT com) and I can try to send it if I have it. Similarly, I'm always open to receiving covers from readers, so send 'em my way if you so desire—I might play it, I might not, but either way I'm interested to know what's out there. So yeah, my posts are based on random things I feel like posting, and I don't plan to change that any time soon.
  • Likewise, if you're looking for a track I've posted in the past, I will not repost it. Please don't comment asking me to. (Most of you who ask this in the Comments don't give me your e-mail addresses or specify which track you want, so I can't get them to you.) If there's something I have and you want, just drop me a line (bigfatprettyface AT yahoo DOT com) and I'll do my best to send it to you.
  • Now, let's commence to jiggling!

  • Queen of Japan "I Love Rock & Roll" (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts cover)
    Electroclashtastic! Queen of Japan is my new temporary favorite band that happens to have an all-cover album. [Headrush is its name.] Head over here (as well as one track below) for a few other QOJ covers in Real Media (and a few in MP3) format. Don't you just love a band whose English bio page reads:

    "After many tours of hard sexual energy and costume change the queen of japan became known well across country and town never giving in to a life of modest no glamour."

  • Queen of Japan "Bobby Brown Goes Down" (Frank Zappa cover)
    This may or nay not be a too controversial type of song to post. When it comes to the original, I never could quite understand how much of this song is satire and how much of it is pure misogyny and homophobia. Then again, I posted a song about pedophilia in the last post, so I suppose the line has already been crossed. I'm not a huge Zappa fan, but my dad tells a great story about having front-row seats to a Zappa show at Indiana University and tripping so hard before hand that he and his friends could barely navigate the two blocks they needed to walk to the auditorium. Then, at the show, he made eye-contact with Frank and thought hallucinated an entire conversation with him or something like that. (My dad tells me he was at both of the shows Zappa played, one in 1972 and one in 1981; he was higher at the latter.) Um, yeah. My dad was a bad-ass. Aaaaanyhoooo—this is an interesting choice for an electro dance band to cover.

  • Si*Sé "Just Like Heaven" (Cure cover)
    Part English, part Spanish, part Latin, part clubby. I bet they get a lot of play in Putumayo shops. [If Putumayo shops play any discs that aren't on the Putumayo label, that is.]

  • Rimini Project "Sometimes When We Touch" (Dan Hill cover)
    Ha! Often my choices on which of my tens of thousands of covers to share are based on the funniest thing to hit my shuffle play that day. Welcome to today's selection! I cracked up as soon as I heard the "deep" intro. [Those of you who won't be able to stomach the bulk of this crap dancepop track, he speaks at the end as well.] Eh, what do you expect from a band whose site looks more like a fashion spread featuring the most vapid models and which declares them "an european band"? Whatever. The song sucks, but it told me a great "story."

  • Sunshine Day "I'd Like to be You for a Day" (theme to the original Freaky Friday)
    I love that someone covered this! Don't even get me started on my age-old girl crush on '70s, Disney-era Jodie Foster. Damn, I still don't know if I wanted to be her or to date her. She was so tough.
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