Tuesday, February 22, 2005

You know what I n-n-n-need. Or maybe you don't.

  • The Gories "Gimme Some Money" (Spinal Tap cover)
    Garage-y and perfect.

  • London After Midnight "Sally's Song" (from Tim Burton's A Night Before Christmas)
    SoCal industrial/goth band that looks like Doctor and the Medics covers a track from the standard Hot Topic afficionado's favorite musical. Predictable, to be sure, but it really could have been so much worse.

  • Okkervil River "Unravel" (Bjork cover)
    I've been a little slow on the uptake with a lot of the Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguar bands (except for those my best friend's brother is in, of course), so I was pleasantly surprised by this pretty live cover.

  • Johnette Napolitano and Danny Lohner "The Scientist" (Coldplay cover)
    What is up with me? I really do not like Coldplay at all, but I love covers people do of their songs. Maybe I just hate Chris Martin's wussy demeanor or something. Johnette badasses this track up a bit and makes it more than bearable. And it's from the Wicker Park soundtrack of all godforsaken places. I swear, a movie doesn't even have to be good nowadays to be rife with indieriffic covers.
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