Friday, April 15, 2005

Let them know we tried.

You know, so far I think the best Google search term with the potential to lead people to my site is "Blake Babies slash." Also, I appreciate all the cover suggestions I've been receiving lately, but—at the risk of approaching the height of snobbery—keep in mind whom you're dealing with. You have to search long and hard to find covers I don't already have or know about. I mean, really, I talked about Dokaka's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" almost a year ago. It's the covers equivalent of commenting to Matthew Perpetua and trying to turn him onto a "new" acts like LCD Soundsystem or the Bloc Party. /end good-natured tongue-in-cheekiness

Yeah. I'll probably start posting again on a more regular basis after the weekend. I just had insomnia so I thought I'd check in.

Aw, what the hell, here's something with which to horrify yourselves:

  • Mark Oh "When the Children Cry" (White Lion cover)
    See, Darwin? Those techno-trance freaks will co-opt anything.
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