Monday, October 17, 2005

Do you have another opinion?

  • Life Without Buildings "Pop Life" (Prince cover)
    Uh. Um. Okay. I thought another Prince cover might be fun. I'm pretty sure I was wrong. Recommended to those who always found Bjork's voice a little too on-key, if said creatures exist. Other than that, it's not that bad. This came from a compilation from Homesleep Records, and this download page features a handful of the other covers, such as:

  • Midwest - "Pale Day" [originally performed by Motorpsycho]
  • Yuppie Flu -"Plainsong" [originally performed by Cure]
  • Giardini di Miro' feat. Julie's Haircut - "Floor Pile" [originally performed by Shannon Wright]
  • Mirabilia feat. Pete Bassman - "Walking With Jesus" [originally performed by Spacemen3]

    The same page also offers a few tracks from Homesleep's Pavement tribute as well.

  • TV on the Radio "Mr. Grieves" (Pixies cover)
    When it comes to tribute albums people tend to grab from me on my P2P of choice, those dedicated to the Pixies tend to be the most popular. This track that I like, of course, isn't on any of them, so too bad for them, eh?

  • Something Corporate "Just Like a Woman" (Bob Dylan cover)
    Nobody feels any pain, huh? That's where you're wrong, Terrible Mainstream Post-Punk Band #967. That my ears somehow managed to refrain from bleeding while listening to this fucking shit is a miracle.
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