Monday, June 12, 2006

All you ever wanted, all you ever needed, is here in my arms.

  • This was a bit too massive covers-wise to allow to stay hidden in the comments, so if you're a Depeche Mode fan and you find yourself wishing for more covers of "Enjoy the Silence" than ever needed to exist, head over to this MOKB post.

  • Also, here's a nice e-mail I received recently from web animator extraordinaire, Scott Bateman, who creates a new web animation every damned day:

    Here's how it happened:

    A while back you posted Sawa Kobayashi's cover of "Patience." I
    listened to it like, all the time, and mentioned it in my blog. Sawa
    Googled herself apparently, and left a comment in my blog. I asked her
    if I could animate "Patience" as part of my Bateman365 project (I'm
    making an animated film every day for a year; today is day 271). She
    said yes.

    The animation went up this morning at:

    And it couldn't have happened without you!

    Take care,

    Pretty cool, huh?
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