Saturday, June 10, 2006

You can't lie to yourself that it's the chance of a lifetime.

Well, since my last post, I learned that another Internet friend of mine died this week. Those of you with Live Journals (or without) may have known or known of Andrew (aka Andrew Watchmaker, Mandrew, the_passives, andrewpants). He was either the most popular or most unpopular person on the Internet at any given time, but he was never anything but nice to me. When he came to Chicago a few years back, he introduced me to my close friend Ray who, in turn, introduced me to a handful of other fabulous people.

After hearing of his death, I learned that a very new friend of mine was a close friend of Andrew's for years. She and I met up last night at the L&L and invited the friend who introduced us to come out and meet us. A slew of whiskey and beer later, and the next thing you know, we all had brand-new band-related tattoos. Um, we're bad-ass. I think.

  • Braid "Trompe le Monde" (Pixies cover)

    It was Jessica who led us to the tattoo parlor, as she and a few other friends of Andrew had decided to honor his memory by getting uber-emo and tattooing lyrics from Braid (see previous post as well), one of Andrew's favorite bands, on themselves. Oh god, I can picture him laughing his ass off about it right now.

  • Jawbreaker "Into you Like a Train" (Psychedelic Furs cover)

    The other day, Lauren talked to me for about 20 minutes about Jawbreaker, a band I never really paid much attention to. But now I know that the one of the guys is now an English professor at Hunter College. Her contention is that even though he's a teacher now, he will always be "the guy from Jawbreaker." My response? "Yeah, to the minority of people in this country who know who in the fuck Jawbreaker is." (I mean, come on, the bulk of the people in this country actually like that godawful "Bad Day" song by Daniel Powter!!!) What can I say? Punkish stuff isn't usually my bag. But it is Lauren's; thus, her Jawbreaker logo tattoo was born.

  • Minor Majority "Motor Away" (Guided by Voices cover)


    My turn. I've said elsewhere that this is either the coolest decision or the geekiest decision I have ever made. I also implied that it might actually be a powerful combination of the two, the resulting explosive strength of which will ensure I take over the world—or at least my own version of it——this summer. So, we'll see. GB-motherfuckin'-V, people!
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