Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I got nothing to say I ain't said before.

  • Lambchop "This Corrosion" (Sisters of Mercy cover)
    It's a genre I never got too obsessed with, this dark alt-country-meets-chamber-pop stuff, and I'm not sure why since I actually quite like it. Well, I was once temporarily obsessed with 16 Horsepower, but that was about a decade ago. Anyhow, I'm revisiting it, and find that I love it when these type of outfits cover goth staples.

    Speaking of 16HP, for your viewing & listening pleasure, allegedly they chose Joy Division's "Heart and Soul" as their final live song ever:


    Anonymous said...

    Good lord. This blew my mind in the most delightful of ways. What I want to know is, what member of a mellow, Tom Waitsy blues band was listening to rather obscure, has-been 80s industrial in their free time in order to find inspiration for this? I guess I don't care. It's sheer genius.

    J. Neas said...

    Joy Division covers are usually very iffy, but this makes the second live one by 16 HP I've ever heard (along with, of course, "Day of the Lords" from the Hoarse live album - which gets squeezed in the middle of a closing triptych of "Brimstone Rock," it and a cover of the Gun Club's "Fire Spirit") that was just truly amazing. David Edwards knows how to channel Ian Curtis like no other. What a strange and yet perfect connection.

    Greg said...

    Thanks for the song (LOVE Sisters of Mercy 80s guy that I am!) and esp. the video. I completely agree with j. neas' comments. I don't know 16HP at all, but it's clear: Joy Division lives!

    monsoon said...


    This Corrosion is one of my fave SoM-tunes and never thought anyone would do a cover that would be up to par with Eldrith & Co. Really great interpretation. Thanks!