Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm oh so quiet.

Heh. Remember me? I'm settling down after a week or two of debauchery and general busyness and will try to get a large random post together by Wednesday. Until then, you should go download Stereogum's tribute to Bjork's Post.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

She could go for miles, if you know what I mean.

My Internet friend Lauren just posted about this video of old-school diva extraordinaire Dame Shirley Bassey singing Pink's "Get the Party Started," and I am in camp heaven. The drag queen inside me is already plotting her lip-synch routine...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tommy, can you hear me?

  • Let's all thank a giant tool, "Tommy" from, for the fact that all comments will now be screened before being added. For a few weeks now, this jerk has been periodically taking the time to add comments to several entries at a time claiming there's better stuff over at WoozyFly. Granted, that may or may not be true considering I don't claim to only post the best of anything. Still, the idea that anyone would take the time to write (or copy and paste) comments and type in that "prove you're a human" code to a blog as sporadically updated as mine is laughable. Now, I don't know if this freak is part of an online street team or if he owns or works for the company proper, but since this guy is so hell-bent on getting the Woozyfly name out I thought I'd help him out with an entry dedicated to him and WoozyFly. So, if you're interested in visiting an indie music/social networking site run by incessant spammers who badmouth the music I share here, by all means, check out WoozyFly.

  • While I'm sort of complaining, I'll offer up another request I've made in the past. (This one is less bilious by far, however.) Basically, I am a human being who makes mistakes and I don't mind having said mistakes pointed out to me. Still, if you're thinking of taking the time to comment to correct me about something, you might want to take an extra second using Google or Wiki (or your ears) to make sure you're right first. For instance, Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" is not the same "Cry Me a River" Julie London sang, etc.
  • Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    I've been away for so long, so long.

    I planned on talking about every track here, but then it would take me another week or two to finally make a post. And who wants that?

  • James Combs "See Emily Play" (Pink Floyd cover)
    Once upon a time, I worked at a place called The Uptown Café in Bloomington, Indiana. James Combs worked there as well at the time, and I remember being a tad "starstruck" when I met him because I was 19 and he was in one of the best and most popular bands in town, Arson Garden. (I've posted a cover or two by AG in the past, remember?)

    I always liked Arson Garden, but my love was nothing compared with that of a slew of my likewise young and dorky music-loving guy friends who were seriously obsessed with Arson Garden. Working with James increased my indie cred a lot. Gotta love when that happens.

    Arson Garden is long defunct, of course, but James's solo career continues and, I'm happy to say, appears to be doing well. (Hell, his songs have been used in both Six Feet Under and Dexter, both of which are in my Top 5 TV shows.) Likewise, his new album to Know You is To Save You is really nice and recently hit No. 25 on KCRW's airplay charts. His stuff reminds me of Elliott Smith and Big Star and other awesomeness so if you're into that type of awesomeness, check it out. In fact, if you're in LA, you can see him tonight at 8 at Tangier. (Check his MySpace for other upcoming dates.)

    Sorry of this is all a bit press release-y, but it makes me happy to see friendly talented people I know making good music. And I'd be remiss not to use whatever influence I have to promote it. You know?

  • The Impossible Shapes "Rider" (Will Oldham cover)
    Hell, while I'm talking (yet again) about Bloomington-based bands, please enjoy and become obsessed with the Impossible Shapes, which features members of lots of other great bands like Magnolia Electric Co., Normanoak, The Horns of Happiness, and more. I'm personally not friends with any of them, but I've mentioned before that my best pal Ryan knows Jason Groth of the Alien Lanes tribute fame, remember? So I feel connected. And even if I didn't, I'd still listen to the music 'cause it rules.

  • 20/20 "Day After Day" (Badfinger cover)

  • Eliza Lumley "How to Disappear Completely" (Radiohead cover)
    This comes from Lumley's Radiohead interpretations album She Talks in Maths. I have to admit, when I got the e-mail telling me about it that included this MP3, I was feeling bitter and angry about the proliferation of awful jazz interpretations and ignored it awhile. But a week or so later the sun came out and I felt more optimistic and now I can say, though jazz is really not my thing, I do like it a lot. I wish more of the coffee shops I stumble into would play stuff like this rather than anything by Diana Krall.

  • Emerson Nogueira "Forever Young" (Alphaville cover)

  • Ethel Merman "I Got Rhythm (Disco)" (comp. Gershwin/s)
    Man, the Ethel Merman "disco" album is one of the biggest mistakes ever made. Yet I wouldn't want to live in a world without it.

  • The Vindictives "How Much More" (The Go-Go's cover)
    Mad props to the Vindictives for not switching the gender. I love cover that doesn't.

  • Fiona Lehn "On Your Radio" (Joe Jackson cover)

  • The Last Town Chorus "Modern Love" (David Bowie cover)
    This is one of my favorite Bowie covers ever. There, I said it. So pretty.

  • Lax Alex Con Trax "Smalltown Boy" (Bronski Beat cover)

  • Mom's Favorite Vase "London" (The Smiths cover)

  • Neither/Neither World "Psychocandy" (Jesus and Mary Chain cover)

  • PC Muñoz "I Go Crazy" (Flesh for Lulu cover)

  • Silver Sun "You Made Me Realise" (My Bloody Valentine cover)
    Dear MBV: I love that you're touring. Please consider coming to the States. ASAP!!!

  • Tahiti 80 "Desirée" (Left Banke cover)

  • Tindersticks "Here" (Pavement cover)

  • Twinball "Don't Pay the Ferryman" (Chris DeBurgh cover)

  • Whip "White Wedding" (Billy Idol cover)
    When I saw that a band I didn't know was covering this, I assumed it was a terrible band and that it would suck. Luckily, I never let my assumptions keep me from giving things a shot. This is a pleasant (inasmuch as dirge-like tracks can be) alt-country/chamber-folk revelation.

  • Western Electric "When You Find Out" (The Nerves cover)
    Speaking of depressing-but-pretty Americana tracks, this languid take on one of my favorite power-pop songs totally took me by surprise. Weird.

  • Yuppie Flu "Plainsong" (The Cure cover)
  • Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    Remember: I'm awful in love with you.

    Sorry about the post delay, but I got bogged down with business and general crappy life stuff. You know how it rolls. Until the random megapost I make later today or tomorrow, please entertain yourself with this very fun James Eric-produced free downloadable tribute to the Magnetic Fields. Seriously, grab it now. It's pretty great.

    Related: If you're a musician and you and/or your band is interested, you have until the 30th to record and submit a '90s hit for another upcoming comp. Sadly (or not), I lack music and recording skills so you'll all be spared my rendition of "2 Become 1."

    Monday, March 03, 2008

    Feet on ground, heart in hand.

    As many others did, I fell in love with Jay Brannan and his music after seeing Shortbus. Here he covers Jann Arden's "Good Mother," and it's pretty beautiful.

    Longer post with MP3s coming in the next day or so.