Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I've waited hours for this.

Like all good aging hipsters, I once had a really big thing for the Cure. And it's my birthday and I have nothing better to do than relive my thing for the Cure. If you feel me on this, you should check out Plainsong.net, which features a pretty comprehensive list of "selective" covers (I think he or she means "selected," but I'll be nice since I don't think English is his/her first language) and tribute albums. I respectfully disagree with many of the author's opinions on which tribute albums and songs are worthwhile, but it's a nice list nonetheless.

From Fictional: A Tribute to the Cure
  • Blipp! "The Caterpillar" (Cure cover)

    From Give Me the Cure: DC Bands Cover the Cure
    By far the most emo/indie of the Cure tributes.
  • Chisel "Six Different Ways" (Cure cover)
    I love Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, don't get me wrong, but oh how I miss Chisel. And this song, as well as any track on The Head on the Door, reminds me of one of the longest make-out sessions of my high school career. I think my then boyfriend (now gay, of course) let the cassette play through on automatic reverse about three times as we cavorted in his basement.
  • DJ Bootious Maximus "The Love Cats" (Cure cover)
  • Tuscadero "Boys Don't Cry" (Cure cover)
  • Dismemberment Plan "Close to Me" (Cure cover)

    From Into a Sea of Cure (an Argentine tribute to The Cure)
  • Shh... "Lullaby" (Cure cover)

    From Pink Pig—The Whole Cure in the Mirror
    A whole bunch of Cure fans you've most likely never heard of covering every Cure song that exists.
  • Lucho Giesso "A Few Hours After This" (Cure cover)
    Many of my favorite Cure songs were B-sides, and this is my all-time favorite. Well, not this version, which is overwrought to say the least.
  • Damon Boyce "A Man Inside My Mouth" (Cure cover)
    Another B-side that makes me nostalgic. Sorta. My freshman year of high school, we hit the gymnastics portion of the semester and my crazy friend who was on the school dance squad made us do a routine to this song (the original, of course, as this version did not exist back then). That she chose it was cool I guess, but gym-class gymnastics routines? Not so much.

    From 15 Imaginary Songs: A Tribute to the Cure
  • The Caves "Just Like Heaven" (Cure cover)
  • Morbid Poetry "Push" (Cure cover)
  • Decadence "Disintegration" (Cure cover)

    From Disintegrated: A Hardcore Tribute to the Cure
  • Cave In "Plainsong" (Cure cover)
  • Bad Luck Thirteen Riot Extravaganza "Pictures of You" (Cure cover)
    I hate shit like this, and not just because it's a cover of my least favorite Cure hit ever and not just because it's hardcore. What I hate is the idea of a band badmouthing the types of people most likely to be Cure fans on a tribute album to the Cure. Yeah, we get it, you're cool and above it all and would never shop at Hot Topic although your band name implies otherwise. You showed us!

    And, you know, I never do this (or at least I've never done it before), in celebration of my own birthday, I've decided to repost a track I posted ages ago. It's one of my favorite Cure covers and you can find it here.
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