Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I need someone to take some joy from something I do.

I've been meaning to bring up what I think is thus far my favorite tribute album of the year, the Belle and Sebastian tribute A Century of Covers. I'm a great fan of B&S and there are very few tracks on this tribute that I don't like, and it's turned me on to a slew of international artists I now want to further check out.

  • Bob Corn "I'm Waking Up to Us" (Belle and Sebastian cover)
    This one is my favorite, which sounds as if it's the product of a love child of Will Oldham and Paolo Conte. Heaven!

  • Billie the Vision and the Dancers "I'm a Cuckoo" (Belle and Sebastian cover)

  • John Wayne Shot Me "Waiting for the Moon to Rise" (Belle and Sebastian cover)

    Oh, and did I mention that, if you like the few tracks I've shared, you can get them along with EVERY OTHER TRACK ON THE ALBUM in .rar form right here from the gal who curated it, who also offers links to the participating bands? Pretty cool, no?

    Now, unrelated to B&S, I will present what has become my guiltiest cover pleasure lately. It's been around for years and it's sort of an abomination because I cherish the original so, but I can't help loving it:

  • Primal Scream feat. Kate Moss "Some Velvet Morning (New Version Extended Mix)" (Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood cover)
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