Thursday, December 07, 2006

Something changed.

First I planned to post some Christmas songs. Then I changed my mind and decided to go for actors singing badly. And then the third track listed below hit my shuffle play and I became obsessed with posting covers of hits from the Britpop heyday. These tracks represent the first installment of such, as I couldn't narrow it down to fewer than 20. And that was without finding any covers of Echobelly or Sleeper songs. Know of any? Help a sister out.

  • The Gimmicks "Girl from Mars" (Ash cover)
    Oh, Ash. I want to make out with them.

  • Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats "Girls & Boys" (Blur cover)
    This should be a traditional drinking song, methinks.

  • Popchor Berlin "Out of Time" (Blur cover)

  • Tony Evans "Wake Up, Boo!" (Boo Radleys cover)
    Oh, my. This comes from a dance instruction CD, so it's watered down... presumably so you can better hear the beats and tango your heart out. Um, yeah. Only included here because I was shocked it existed.

  • Yazbek "Son of a Gun" (The La's cover)
    Hey, did you know that the La's had songs besides "There She Goes"? And that somone covered one of them? Shocking but true.

  • Celluloide "Light from a Dead Star" (Lush cover)
    I've heard a handful of Celluloide covers and they all pretty much sound exactly like this. But that's synthpop for you, I suppose.

  • Evan Dando "Live Forever" (Oasis cover)
    Hey, did you know that there were artists who covered Oasis songs besides "Wonderwall"? We just keep learning new things today, don't we? (And, yes, I have tons of covers of other Oasis songs, I just needed to narrow it down.)

  • Kind of Like Spitting "Common People" (Pulp cover)
    Recorded live at Le Jive Music Cafe in Wyandotte, MI. Wow, Ben sounds so angry. I like it.

  • Cracklin' Moth "Mis-Shapes" (Pulp cover)
    This live version was recorded at Schuba's here in Chicago, as this is a local band. A local band who happens to be playing tonight at The Hideout. A local band I'd actually go check out tonight at The Hideout if:

    A. I weren't recovering from a cold
    B. I lived anywhere near The Hideout
    C. I had any disposable income whatsoever
    D. Small, smoky, crowded spaces didn't freak me out
    E. All of the above

    Answer: E

    But don't let my endless list of quirks keep you from going. Vive le rock, and whatnot.

  • Astrud "Algo Cambió (Something Changed)" (Spanish Pulp cover)
    Wow. The mid-song banter in this is so fast, I've no chance of deciphering it. Still, I'm all for foreign-language Pulp covers.

  • Roisin Murphy "Sorted for E's and Wizz" (Pulp cover)
    What? Pulp songs aren't gay enough on their own? In the movie of my life, this could SO be the track playing as I, wearing the tightest silver spandex top in the universe, practically pass out at Vortex at age 19.

  • And, if you feel I've slighted you on bands performing live Pulp covers, former Bloomington, IN band Cadmium Orange covered "Disco 2000" and you can find it available over at their Musical Family Tree page. (Track 23 from "Too Hungry to Vote.")
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