Monday, August 27, 2007

It's a good time for Superman to lift the sun into the sky.

First: Threadless is having its $10 Back to School Sale, which ends Sept. 3.

Second, from my best pal Ryan:

I picked up Jim Derogatis' Flaming Lips bio at the bookstore on a whim yesterday. Reading it has prompted me to look for old Lips footage on you tube. Before I made any progress with that I ran across this nice video of a girl playing "Waiting for a Superman". I really like it.


Anonymous said...

that waiting on a superman cover is beautiful

I'm listening to a few other songs she covered and thanks so much for pointing me to this true talent

Anonymous said...

What a bizarre way to start my groggy morning! I got about 3 hours sleep last night, so for a second here I thought I was hallucinating.

Glad it struck a chord. : ) said...


Who is she and where do I buy her album?!?!?

Lobstar said...

Brooke- Cool. Glad to oblige. Your voice is gorgeous.

Cup said...

I've been meaning to pick up that bio since the last time I watched party of "Fearless Freaks." Is it good?

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous.

Memory Man said...


I am the reader of the book and the recommender of the cover, and yes the book is a worthwhile read.

I was a bit worried that it would just be "Fearless Freaks: The Book", but it was a far better insight into the band and its evolution. Also much better closure on Steven's heroin abuse.