Saturday, September 15, 2007

Your voice across the line gives me a strange sensation.

I had a dream last night that if I went record shopping today I'd find something by old-school Bloomington arty popsters Arson Garden on vinyl. My dreams never come true. That's okay, though, because they've covered a power pop classic and that suits my mood. (Thanks, as always, to Musical Family Tree for their extensive collection of Indiana-related bands old and new.)

  • Arson Garden "Hanging on the Telephone" (Nerves cover)
    This is from a show they performed at Jake's in 1991. I wasn't there because I wasn't quite old enough to go to Jake's in 1991. I used to be young!

    KP said...

    Hi there. I'm coming out of lurker mode to say thanks for the link to the Musical Family Tree. I've been looking around for anything from the Vulgar Boatmen, and I've had not much luck so far. I'll be checking out the rest of the site.

    Matthew said...

    I had a roommate who dated April Coombs for about 30 minutes one summer, probably well before 1991, and definately well before she was able to sneak into Jakes.

    It was once easy to sneak into bars in Bloomington - I saw REM at Second Story when I was 19 for a $2 cover! - but then the excise police found 170+ underaged sorority girls in a bar called The Hop, which used to be next to Bear's Place.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    Brendan said...

    Isnt Hanging on the Telephone a Blonde cover?

    Lobstar said...

    Drindle: The Nerves wrote and performed "Hanging on the Telephone" originally. Blondie covered it. I imagine that the bulk of people covering the song believe they're covering a Blondie song, but I have a feeling that Arson Garden would have known that it was originally by the Nerves.