Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Stuff it up the hole in your culture!

Remember a few days ago when I said I'd post this week? Well, you're soaking in it! I figured the best way to mark my return was with a giant list determined, as is often my wont, by shuffling the 12,000+ covers on my hard drive and picking the first 20 that came up.

  • Dream Girls "I Can Fly" (Rainey cover, comp. Grady/ Holding/ Pain/ Riley)
    What better way to begin than with a cover of a song originally featured in the classic film Girls Just Want to Have Fun? I miss that version of Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Jenny Gear "Vanities" (Mary Black cover, comp. Noel Brazil)
    Apparently this gal was a Canadian Idol contestant. Sounds better than most American Idol contestants, methinks.

  • The Tiger Lillies "Send in the Clowns" (comp. Sondheim)
    I'm not afraid of clowns, in fact I quite enjoy even the most frightening clown imagery. If I were afraid of clowns, however, this version would definitely exacerbate my phobia.

  • Audrey 3000 feat. Mr. Hopkinson's Computer "Baby I Got Your Money" (ODB & Kelis cover)
    I've never had nuthin' but love for A3000 and MHC.

  • The Hardtimes "Here, There, and Everywhere" (Beatles cover)
    These guys were regulars on Dick Clark's TV show Where The Action Is! in the '60s. Apparently.

  • Trio Sourire "Satisfaction" (French Rolling Stones cover)

  • Bile "Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah)" (Gary Glitter cover)
    This song was always salacious, but is even more so in the wake of Glitter's more recent fates, no? This version sounds like something to which I'd have made out with a stranger in those bed-like things on the second floor of Medusa's in the early '90s (not to be confused with what passes for Medusa's today). Not that I'd have ever really done such a thing. Nope. Not me. Never.

  • The Hunt for Yoshi "Walk on the Ocean" (Toad the Wet Sprocket cover)
    God, I hate '90s radio rock. At least this version's existence amuses me.

  • The Dresden Dolls "Two-Headed Boy" (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)

  • I Corvi "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" (Italian Sonny & Cher cover)
    This song is really popular with the Italians, and I approve.

  • Brando "Plants & Rags" (PJ Harvey cover)
    Thanks, as always, to the awesome Indiana-based and -focused Musical Family Tree.

  • The Classic Metropolitan Orchestra "Raspberry Beret" (Prince cover)
    Normally I'd scoff and forward right past a track like this when it hits, but it came just as my pretty hipster neighbors were in the middle of their approximately 4,956th loud-ass argument, and I have to admit it cheered me up a bit.

  • The Monolators "Mr. Roboto" (Styx cover)
    The spoken intro cracks me up.

  • Anorak "That's Entertainment" (The Jam cover)
    Spanish electonric awesomeness from their downloadable Synthetic Pop Covers from the European Space Agency LP.

  • Mysteries of Life "That's How Strong My Love Is" (O.V. Wright cover, comp. Roosevelt Jamison)
    Another Indiana fave. And, no, Otis Redding wasn't the original performer. I Googled it and everything!

  • Rockabye Baby! "1979" (Smashing Pumpkins cover)

  • Soil & Eclipse "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (U2 cover)
    If I didn't already sort of hate U2, I might now.

  • Teddy Thompson "The Future" (Leonard Cohen cover)
    Richard and Linda's boy sure can cover a song, I swear.

  • The Posies "O-o-h Child" (The Five Stairsteps cover)

  • The Leathercoated Minds "Along Comes Mary" (The Association cover)
    Before J.J. Cale's wrote songs for Clapton, he did stuff like this.

    Anonymous said...


    I have been wanting that Tiger Lillies "Send in the Clowns" forever!

    Anonymous said...

    nice to have you back!

    Anonymous said...

    I remember the one and ONLY tim I saw Bono and the U2 boys in Detroit Bon(e)o threw the flag of our Irish fathers in the crowd and when people started fighting over it he said I swear!!! Quote"Why are we fighting don't you know that...this(fightin) is what it's all about??"
    *wretch I said to myself "Yeah he's right"...Not!!! What a NIMROD!
    Cheers!,HenryPonds *puke

    Anonymous said...

    My god this is amazing. Namely the covers of "Baby I Got Your Money" and "1979". Brah-VOH!

    Anonymous said...

    Nice post to mark your return. Will give some of these covers a try. Cheers