Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There will be feasting and dancing in Jerusalem (or Hinsdale) next year.

I just learned via a MySpace bulletin that Heathers, a Dublin folk-punk-pop duo releasing an album on Plan-it-X Records sometime soon, will be touring the States with other Plan-it-Xer folk-punk-pop favorites (whose covers have been featured here in the past) Ghost Mice. Sadly, they do not have a show planned in Chicago proper (as of yet, anyhow), so I won't be able to catch them, but I still thought some of you might be interested in learning about them because they're pretty damned good and you might want to check them out if they're playing near you. Here are two videos of them performing The Mountain Goats' "This Year" and Tegan and Sara's "Nineteen," respectively. The quality of the videos might not be that great, but the talent shines through.

Update: I have to add their live version of this Spice Girls cover too because it's my jam!


Anonymous said...

Cheers Liza for the ehads up on these guys - truly good harmonies. They'll definitely make an appearance on TWR in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. On the strength of "Nineteen" alone, I think I'm going to have to try to catch them in Milwaukee or Minneapolis this June.

Anonymous said...

I realize Hinsdale kinda sucks, but it is on the Metra line. It's not even an hour out.

Anonymous said...

Hinsdale or Milwakee

road trip or train trip?

Lobstar said...

M and Anon,

I barely go to shows that are In the city, there's no way on earth I'm traveling 2 hours or more on public transportation to get to a show!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, again.