Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Today is the day we've waited for.

I meant to post these yesterday as "covers that make me happy on my birthday," but my birthday here at work was riddled with computer woes. So, yeah. I'm 32 now. And these songs make me happy today as well.

  • The Delgados "Mr. Blue Sky" (ELO cover) 7.7MB
    I have to admit I was surprised by the sudden ubiquity of this former guilty pleasure of mine. First that VW commercial, then in the ads for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, among other places. I don't care how much your finger is on the pulse of media and/or advertising, you just don't expect Electric Light Orchestra to make a comeback, however slight. But, if they had to, I'm glad it was with this poppy, uplifting track. Not that I'd begrudge anyone their obsession with the hits in Xanadu or any of the rollerskating jams of yore, of course. I'm so down with "I'm Alive" and "Don't Bring Me Down" it's a little sick, really.

    As for the Delgados and their cover, I like 'em both. And if you like what you hear, I highly recommend checking out their latest album, Hate, which is chock-full of brilliant somber, melancholy and lushly orchestrated mini-epics. And their creepy UK hit "Pull the Wires from the Wall" from Peloton is one of my favorite songs ever.

  • Hikashu "The Model" (Kraftwerk cover) 3.1MB
    I'm having a bit of a Kraftwerk attack lately. And I almost always have the melody from the verse of "The Model" in my head. And, Jesus, there are a lot of Kraftwerk covers and tribute albums out there from which to choose, no? Well, this from experimental Japanese avant-garde rock outfit Hikashu is one of my favorites. Enjoy.
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