Monday, February 21, 2005

Hear the ringing of the telephone. No! No!

As you might imagine, I'm quite bogged down with phone calls since Paris' Sidekick was hacked. And still I've found the time to post some Joe Jackson covers. (Thanks to reader Allan for the hookup on some affordable webspace. Now let's see how it works.) Sometimes, I pretend it's 1982 and I'm getting all coked up for a night on the town, listening to Look Sharp! as I tease my hair.

  • Fantastic Plastic Machine "Steppin' Out" (Joe Jackson cover)
    Japanese club bossa-lounge version. Very smooth.

  • Da Vinci's Notebook "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" (Joe Jackson cover)
    Acappella groups give me the heebie-jeebies.

  • Mandy Moore "Breaking Us in Two" (Joe Jackson cover)
    I have to admit I like Mandy Moore. Her music? Not so much. But I like that her all-cover album contained songs you'd never expect someone her age to revisit (or visit for the first time, more likely).

  • Anthrax "Got the Time" (Joe Jackson cover)
    This version reminds me of my freshman year of college. And I like it anyway!

    Also, Skipping Discs Records released an all-gal (well, all-gal-front-person, anyhow) Jackson tribute last year. You can hear snippets of the covered songs here.
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