Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Load up on guns and bring your friends.

A week ago today marked the 11th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide*. (Or murder, if you're one of those irrational freaks in the "Courtney killed him" camp.) Yeah. I don't really care—since depsite liking them I was always shocked at how immensely successful they became and because it annoys me when people with unlimited financial resources are somehow incapable of finding help—but here are a slew of Nirvana covers anyhow. Man, there sure are a lot of Nirvana covers. It was difficult to narrow it down to these lucky 13. (I figure I might as well celebrate my webspace by testing it with as many downloads as possible!)

*And, sadly, this prediction appears not to have come true.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit"
  • The Bad Plus
  • Nonex
  • Rumal Noorkuu
  • The Scala Choir

    "Come As You Are"
  • Dani Siciliano
  • Pink Freud

    "All Apologies"
  • Herbie Hancock
  • Sinead O'Connor

    "Verse Chorus Verse"
  • Scout Niblett

  • Steve Earle

    "On a Plain"
  • Rogue Wave

    "Rape Me"
  • Richard Cheese

    "Heart-Shaped Box"
  • Evanescence
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