Monday, April 25, 2005

They never wanted to kill; they are not naturally evil ... such things they do just to make themselves more attractive to you. Have they failed?

  • Alison Moyet "There are Worse Things I Could Do" (from Grease)
    I can think of no blue-eyed soul songstress I'd rather hear cover this bad-girls-have-hearts-too classic.

  • Dogstar "Superstar" (Carpenters cover)
    Ah, Keanu. You know it's bad when you're playing bass for a band that probably could've been as successful as Matchbox 20 if only they had half an ounce of charisma. Or a quarter ounce of eyeliner.

  • J. Church "Last of the Famous international Playboys" (Morrissey cover)
    I don't care for this punk cover, but I am glad to see bands covering my favorite Morrissey song.

  • Rabbit in the Moon "Waiting for the Night" (Depeche Mode cover)
    It's a cheesy thing to admit, but I'll have you know that Depeche Mode's Violator was the soundtrack to nearly all of my masturbation from the end of my senior year of high school through to the beginning of my freshman year of college. What a dork I was. [Ponders a blog dedicated to teenage alt.Liza's masturbation songs ... thinks better of it.] This version from Florida's most popular [only?] trancesters is pretty good for what it is. Especially if you've just taken two Vicodin and have a lot of candles burning.

  • Sexy Sadie "Moonage Daydream" (David Bowie cover)
    Speaking of sex:

    Dear hot Spanish boys,

    You may serenade me with David Bowie anytime. Then we will dance on the beach and have a menage a trois. Or tres. Or quatro. Or cinco. Or whatever. I'm perpetually ready and willing to be tu mama tambien. [Pardon the lack of accent marks. I'm too lazy to look up the proper HTML.]

    Love, Liza

  • Toonces "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (Cyndi Lauper cover)
    I can't find any info online about Toonces. Are they Japanese? German? Finnish? Or simply the product of a Cover Fight? Anyone?
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