Friday, August 19, 2005

The day is beautiful and so are you.

Recently the Arcade Fire (a band I otherwise quite enjoy) mutilated my favorite Magnetic Fields song, "Born on a Train," and lots of other blogs posted it and called it good. It freaked me out. They didn't even start at the beginning! And it sounded like a bad Tom Waits impression. Shudder. I'm not saying all of the covers here are great, by any means, but none of them (not even the ones by Peter Gabriel or Chrash!) make me as angry as the Arcade Fire cover, which, I'm sorry, is so bad I'm not even going to post for you to hear how bad it is.

Aaaanyhooo, Stephin Merritt writes wonderfully deadpan songs about the true nature of human emotions and I love him. Though not quite as much as some.

  • !!! "Take Ecstasy With Me" (Magnetic Fields cover)
    Note the proper spelling of ecstasy. Ecstacy is one of my biggest pet peeves.

  • Divine Comedy "With Whom to Dance" (Magnetic Fields cover)
    The morose and acerbic covering the morose and acerbic always works for me.

  • Kelly Hogan "Papa Was a Rodeo" (Magnetic Fields cover)
    Viva la Chicago-based alt-country!

  • Evelyn "Smoke and Mirrors" (Magnetic Fields cover)
    Does anyone know anything about Evelyn? This was on a Teenbeet Records sampler from 1998, but the liner notes don't tell me much. Whatever. It's okay.

  • Superchunk "100,000 Fireflies" (Magnetic Fields cover)
    I like Superchunk.

  • Peter Gabriel "Book of Love" (Magnetic Fields cover)
    I've said it before, but I hate Peter Gabriel. Yes, even "In Your Eyes." Hate him. This is from the soundtrack of some movie that totally sucked.

  • Kings of Convenience "The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side" (Magnetic Fields cover)

  • Chrash "I Don't Want to Get Over You" (Magnetic Fields cover)
    Whoa. I don't know what's worse, their cover or the "astute" diatribe that precedes it.

  • Mary Lou Lord "I Don't Want to Get Over You" (Magnetic Fields cover)
    Here's a more palatable version.

    Edit: An anonyomus poster just reminded me of a link I totally meant to add to this post but forgot because work got busy. You can find a handful of Mag Fields covers at It's Meaningless.
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    Anonymous said...

    Ben Gibbard's band All Time Quarterback covered "Why I Cry", which is my most loved Magnetic Fields song. Unfortunately he made it over happy and used a toy piano. some may like it, but I am not one of them.