Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Freeze frame, screen kiss, hot heads, lights and power.

Sometimes you just have to post when the mood strikes, even if that mood hits when you're nowhere near your vast catalog of covers. Luckily, I have a few work-accessible tracks sent in by readers that are just waiting for attention.

  • Rev. Tom Frost "You Belong to Me" (comp. Chilton Price)
    Somebody over at Closed for Private Party Records [sorry, I deleted the e-mail and lost your name!] sent me a Zip file of the new Rev. Tom Frost album, which I truly love and which you can purchase here. Like a Frencher Tom Waits. Raunchy and bluesy and magnifique.

  • My Summer as a Salvation Soldier "Hey Ya" (Outkast cover)
    Skotta sent along this track by a Reykjavikian singer-songwriter whose Americanized name would be something like Thorir Georg Jonsson and who recently played SXSW. Very nice. Hey ya, indeed, to our Icelandic brethren!

  • Spielerfrau "She's in Parties" (Bauhaus cover)
    Again, I don't remember who sent this along, but here it is. Or maybe I got it from the band's web site, from whence it's a free web-only download. It's all a blur.
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