Thursday, April 12, 2007

You are weak, but He is strong.

Jesus shouted me out in his Easter post and now He gets His comeuppance via three of the most annoying covers of "Jesus Loves Me" I have on my hard drive right now. Thanks, Yo!

  • Baby Lu-Lu "Jesus Loves Me" (Traditional, sort of)
    The 365 Days Project/Ubuweb classic. Nothing creepier than a grown woman singing religious tunes as a 3-year-old.

  • Mike Freund "Jesus Loves Me" (Traditional, sort of)
    Just a hardcore-lovin' boy with the Son of God on his side.

  • Placebo "Jesus Loves Me" (Traditional, sort of)
    I've tried several times to sincerely like Placebo—even going so far as to meet Brian Molko a couple of times at lame record label-sponsored "meet and greets"—but his creepy nephew-of-Kermit-the-frog voice always gets in the way. My Spidey senses say Jesus merely tolerates him.

    wwjblog said...

    wow. wow. those remind me of the nails! seriously, listening to those make my scares itch. thanks? nothing brightens the day like the voice of baby lu-lu... except maybe the album cover image of baby lu-lu, which i just saw via a google image search. these are copy, wrong. wow.

    wwjblog said...

    please forgive that copy, wrong quote.

    nicknackpattywack said...

    I know what you mean about Placebo, but his voice has improved a lot since they started. Is this cover from an older show?

    In Real Time said...

    Thanks for the Placebo giggle!

    Aliice said...

    Jesus invented Placebo as a practical joke on the rest of humanity.

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, those covers are truly annoying. :)
    Thanks, I think.

    San Luis Obispo

    Anonymous said...

    placebo were an excellent band pre-meds. They can fall off the face of the earth now after that album. Jesus can push them.

    Anonymous said...

    ha ha ha ha ha ha (ect.)
    I can't believe that song exists! I am Mike Freund, the criminal responsible for that rubbish cover. I just wanna know, how the heck did you even find that? I thought I destroyed all copies of that song years ago!!