Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Within the reach of my hands.

Yesterday I had the somewhat lame idea to do a two-for-Tuesday type of thing today and, in the middle of figuring out what songs to use, I realized that it was already Tuesday and I wouldn't actually be posting until Wednesday. The best-laid plans, eh? Here were a few that were on my "maybe" list.

  • Lampshade "Good Day Sunshine" (Beatles cover)
    I didn't think I'd ever see the day when a Danish/Swedish twee cover of anything might be too sickly sweet for even me. Seriously, this is by far not the worst cover I've heard of this, nor is it all that bad if twee Scandinavian covers are your bag, but it makes my teeth hurt.
  • Roy Redmond "Good Day Sunshine" (Beatles cover)
    Man, talk about channeling Otis for an awesomely soulful cover. I can't find out too much about this Roy Redmond character, but I'm guessing one Otis Redding was enough for everybody.

  • Kunamaka "Hunting High and Low" (A-ha cover)
    In an alternate reality, Mike Patton is French and this is one of his many projects.
  • Sissel Vera Pettersen and Nikolaj Hess "Hunting High and Low" (A-ha cover)
    I can't say that ethereal vocal/piano jazz is necessarily my thing, but I am pleasantly surprised by By This River, the collaboration cover album from Danish piano/composer Nikolaj Hess and Norwegian vocalist/saxophonist/composer Sissel Vera Pettersen. Eno? A-ha? Blur? Depeche Mode? I'd rather hear those acts covered by jazz and/or classical musicians with technical skill than by a punk band full of 18-year-olds who can barely play.

  • EverEve "Fade to Grey" (Visage cover)
    Aside from a Nouvelle Vague here and a Konki Duet there, most covers of "Fade to Grey" are synthy, dancey tracks that sound like little more than Hi-NRG remixes of the original. This, at least, is a gothy, metally, synthy version replete with an introductory quote from Babylon 5.
  • The Gregorian Masters of Chant "Fade to Grey" (Visage cover)
    Remember when chant tributes were more poplar than bluegrass tributes? Those were the days, my friends.

  • Chrome "Here Come the Warm Jets" (Brian Eno cover)
    Ah, Chrome. The band so many people have never heard of who influenced so many of the same people's favorite bands. Isn't that always the way? I'm not sure which later incarnation of Chrome this is. Is it just Damon Edge? Is it just Helios Creed? I don't know, but it's still 100 times better than most of the stuff you find on electronic tribute albums.
  • Arturo Stalteri "Here Come the Warm Jets" (Brian Eno cover)
    Another jazz/classical instrumental piano arrangement perfect for my imaginary coffee shop.

  • Union 13 "Roots Radicals" (Spanish-language Rancid cover)
    I'm currently experiencing a bit of guilty pleasure in the form of the Tim Armstrong/Skye Sweetnam ska/pop "Into Action." Why guilty? I don't know exactly. Despite liking many ska, ska/punk, ska/pop songs, I never felt comfortable aligning myself with it. I never felt punk or mod or cool or lame or whatever enough. I didn't have enough tattoos or a poor enough work ethic or something to fit in with the die-hard fans. My hesitance to commit today is probably just lingers from the '90s when I cared far more about what other people thought of me than I do now. Aaaanyhow, Tim Armstrong's new "guilty" pleasure reminded me that I once considered a few Rancid songs to be my "guilty" pleasures. This Spanish-language version by Los Angeles's Union 13 makes me happy, although I suspect that if it were in English I wouldn't like it as much.
  • The Covert Agency "Roots Radicals" (Rancid cover)
    See? These guys don't sound guilty about it in the least.

    Also, in honor of my good friend Eric's birthday today—which is always a pleasant stepping stone into my own birthday tomorrow—here's some video of a live cover of Clutch's "Big News" as performed by Dozer and featuring Troy and Bill from Mastodon also—aka people from bands I might appreciate a little more if I were a big angry man. But, hey, Dozer's from Sweden, so I can't be completely disinterested in them.


    Anonymous said...


    Both of those "hunting high and low" links point to the same file. I am dying to hear them both, I love that song.

    Lobstar said...

    Mikey - They don't point to the same file on my browser. Maybe refresh and try again?

    Anonymous said...

    i REALLY like that roy redmond tune.

    i mean REALLY!

    thanks for sharing.