Monday, May 23, 2005

The only thing I ever really wanted to say was wrong.

  • Scrawl "Public Image" (P.I.L. cover)
    I used to really have a thing for Scrawl (and P.I.L., come to think of it) back in the day.

  • Killing Heidi "Tomorrow" (Silverchair cover)
    Australian band I'd never heard of covers Australian band I wish I'd never heard of.

  • Tin Tin Out "Here's Where the Story Ends" (Sundays cover)
    Not different enough from the original (or good enough to exist). But whatever.

  • Morgan Fisher as Hybrid Kids as British Standard Unit "D'Ya Think I'm Sexy" (Rod Stewart cover)
    Former keyboardist for Mott the Hoople asks some friends to help him create wacky covers and makes up band names to go along with them because we needed a industro-synth version of this so desperately.

  • Stephan Eicher "Sweet Jane" (Velvet Underground cover)
    Most covers of "Sweet Jane" are syrupy and not at all very different from the original—most of them.
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