Friday, May 06, 2005

Seis de Mayo*

  • The Beat Boys "O Meu Tamborim (My Green Tambourine)" (Lemon Pipers cover in Portuguese)
    Love it! This is from one of the Brazilian Nuggets comps, which are, for the most part, completely awesome.

  • Capital Inicial "O Passageiro (The Passenger)" (Iggy Pop cover in Portuguese)
    If this were an American band covering this in English, I'd probably find it predictably "alternative." But Brazilian rockers are cuter, so this is much better.

  • Roberta Miranda "A Mulher Em Mim " (Shania Twain cover in Portuguese)
    Sigh. Nothing good can come from the mediocre covering the mediocre. Even in a foreign tongue.

  • Rebekah Del Rio "Llorando (Crying)" (Roy Orbison cover in Spanish, from Mulholland Drive)
    Even though I've read what it was all supposed to mean, I still don't really get it.

  • Los Rockin' Rebeldes "Danny Boy" (Traditional song in Spanish—people are still debating its original composer)
    This is freaky, It starts off with a Mexican Scott Walker/Rufus Wainwright vibe and jumps into garage psych. Que sorpresa!

  • Los Locos del Ritmo "Hey Joe" (Jimi Hendrix cover in Spanish)
    This has more a sense of immediacy to me than the original. Or maybe I've just had too much tequila. (This track as well as the one above are from Mexican Rock and Roll Psych-Out, which rules.)

  • Paralisis Permanente "Quiero Ser Tu Perro (I Want to be Your Dog)" (Iggy Pop cover in Spanish)
    Apparently Latin American and/or Spanish grupos love Iggy. And who can blame them?

  • Braun (and the Mob) "Da Flash an da Funk (Flashlight)" (Parliament cover in Spanish)
    Yay for glitchy funk from Germany sung in Spanish!

  • Selena "Fotos Y Recuerdos (Back on the Chain Gang)" (Pretenders cover in Spanish)
    Ah, fair Jennifer Lopez Selena! The Spanish lyrics of this song replace the "Chain Gang" idiom with "photos and memories," thus changing the entire tone of the song—a fate I'm sure has befallen many today's selections. Pretty annoying. Had I a chance to see her perform live before her terrible fate, I'd have spent the duration of this song staring at her midriff.

  • Los Abandoned "Como la Flor" (Selena cover)
    Speaking of Selena, she is not above reproach! Chilean/Los Angelean post-punkers rework one of her big hits (the sole track today that was originally performed in Spanish) so you can mosh to it. Or do whatever dance people at Blink-182 concerts do.

    *All songs featured today are not solely by Mexican performers, but there are a couple.
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