Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Certainly not the average girl.

  • John Edwards "Tin Man" (America cover)
    Much smoother than the original. I'd expect nothing less from an ex-Spinner.

  • Josie Cotton "Tell Him" (Exciters cover)
    I found a copy of Josie Cotton's Convertible Music in the 49-Cent bin at my local used record shop. I was both excited (at the score) and disappointed (at the obvious lack of savvy of the pricers, as I'd have paid well more than that). Then again, I could see how I'd be the only person really interested in a run-of-the-mill new-wave pop act who made every song sound the same. But that racetrack mini-skirt she wore in Valley Girl was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen at the time.

  • Flaming Lips "Nobody Told Me" (John Lennon cover)
    I always loved this song. Glad to see it being played live.

  • Of Montreal "She's My Best Friend" (Velvet Underground cover)
    When your Apples in Stereo albums are too depressing, here comes Of Montreal to lighten your mood.

  • Dave "Gruber" Allen as Mr. Rosso "I'm Eighteen" (Alice Cooper cover)
    Perhaps not as amusing to those who aren't hardcore Freaks and Geeks cult members such as myself, but this cheered me up today.

  • Sirenia "First We Take Manhattan" (Leonard Cohen cover)
    Oh, goth metal! How you always forsake me.

  • Lena Zavaroni "Help Me Make it Through the Night" (comp. Kris Kristofferson)
    Scottish Star-Search-caliber child superstar anorectic of the '70s and '80s. Um, yeah. There are many live snippets of songs like "She Works Hard for the Money" and "Desperado" to be found on this quite thorough fan site for those as sickly intrigued as I.

  • Jon Auer "Gold Star for Robot Boy" (Guided by Voices cover)
    Hello, Posy, marry me.

  • Josh Rouse "It Don't Matter to Me" (Bread cover)
    I was planning on posting something from the new Queen tribute album coming out in a few weeks (and I still may in the next day or two), but most are so godawful I'd rather post this sweet little track from one of my favorite sadly overlooked tribute albums of the year, Friends and Lovers: A Tribute to Bread. There are individual Posies on that one as well.
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