Friday, October 07, 2005

Who knows what tomorrow brings?

  • The Diskettes "How Bizarre" (OMC cover)
    There are a slew of innocuous one-hit wonders that were big during my days as a music retail slut that I just can't hear without retching slightly at the thought of moron after moron clamoring for them. But there's something charming about this cute little Canadian doo-woppy indie band's version of this one that surprisingly doesn't make me want to shove pencils in my ears. Check out their site for many free downloads, including a cover of "Mr. Lee."

  • V/Vm "Up Where We Belong" (a remix that took so much, um, "work" that I'm calling it a cover)
    While not technically a cover, as it's quite obviously just a mangled version of the original, I'm posting this for its intrigue factor. And when I say "intrigue," I mean it in the sense that we as human beings often tend to be curious about witnessing massacres, however bloody and horrific they might be.
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