Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Turn our golden faces into the sun.

It looks as if 2006 may well be the year of the random, quick, no-time-for-banter, "look what hit my shuffle play" post. Every time I think I'm going to get on track and create a life schedule that includes a decent chunk of blog time a few times a week, work or TV or *gasp* social engagements keep me from it. But I'm going to try to try. It's the least I can do.

  • Axel Rudi Pell "Forever Young" (Alphaville cover)
    German heavy metal guitar virtuoso attacks nostalgic ballad while apparently taking a painful dump. What is it with guitar virtuosos and their gravelly, constipated-sounding voices?

  • The White Stripes "Walking with a Ghost" (Tegan and Sara cover)
    I saw Tegan and Sara open for Rufus Wainwright eons ago and I hated them. HATED. Of course, that was before they shed their tired lesbian folk schtick and turned into the spritely lesbian pop goddesses of So Jealous. Now I think they totally rule, as does this cover.

  • The Lucksmiths "There is a Light that Never Goes Out" (Smiths cover)
    To quote Elle magazine's Nina Garcia on Project Runway: "Sometimes pretty can be boring."

  • Rockell and Collage "Can't We Try" (Dan Hill feat. Vonda Shepard cover)
    I tell ya, if you're a freshman in high school in the process of breaking up with the first of many boyfriends who'll eventually come out of the closet, hearing the original on the radio really will tear you up inside. But if you're a 33-year-old fag hag spinster in the year 2006, this version will make you spit out your Diet A&W in laughter. And then you'll dance, dance, dance!

  • Hell is for Heroes "Boy's Don't Cry" (The Cure cover)
    I'm always slightly annoyed by punk covers of anything, let alone my beloved Cure, but I must admit there are a few interesting choices in this.

  • The Bravery "It's All I Can Do" (The Cars cover)
    I haven't embraced the Bravery as I have many of the other nu new-wave acts, but this is a serviceable cover, I suppose. If you can get over this guy's overly Morrisseyian whiny drawl.
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