Monday, January 23, 2006

You can do what you want to; there's no one to stop you.

  • Richard Anthony "Toi L'Ami (All my Loving)" (French Beatles cover)
    Monday is always a good day for Beatles chanson-style.

  • Warmen "Somebody's Watching Me" (Rockwell cover)
    Some of the guys from Children of Bodom who sound like a heavy metal Weird Al.

  • The Thermals "Ballad of Big Nothing"(Elliott Smith cover)
    Nearly anytime in the past few weeks I've listened to WOXY, they've played this. Granted, I like it and a few of the other tracks on the latest Smith tribute album (To Elliott from Portland) more than I usually like Smith covers*, but WOXY really needs to shake up its playlists.

    *Because the majority are so much like the originals I'm not sure why they bother.

  • Kelley Deal "Fucking Hostile" (Pantera cover)
    My favorite track on the Free the West Memphis 3 disc, which is chock-full of covers of metal classics.

  • Juliana Hatfield "Tomorrow Never Comes" (Dot Allison cover)

  • Second Run feat. Ramone "Seasons in the Sun" (Terry Jacks [comp. Jacques Brel] cover)
    As a child, the original intrigued me because it was so poppy for a song about death. I wouldn't say I liked it though. Since the early 1990s, whenever I hear any version of it, it reminds me of an experimental film an acquaintance of mine named Dara made ages ago that starred my friend Bart, who aired it on his show, Rox. [See the episode here.] This version is insane and pointless, as most trance covers are.

  • Wolfcry "Enola Gay" (Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark [OMD] cover)
    I'm always interested when heavy metal acts cover '80s synth classics I first heard in gay bars. For a minute or two anyhow.

  • Diamanda Galas "My World is Empty Without You" (Supremes cover)
    Not for everyone's taste, but if you like, say, Antony and the Johnsons, you might want to check out someone who paved his way.
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