Monday, May 03, 2004

A lot of pretty, pretty boys that I call friends.

Weird. I was going to tell you that, if you downloaded any of the Sardina tracks I recommended a while back and enjoyed them, that you should head over to my pal PJ's site to check out some of the cover songs he's recorded—such as the Pixies' "Gouge Away," the Beatles' "Wild Honey Pie" and Komeda's "Party Goin' On"— but his site appears to have temporarily disappeared. So, keep an eye out for the its return, if interested.

  • The Panoply Academy Corps of Engineers "Dreamer/Crime of the Century" (Supertramp cover)
    The Panoply Academy is my best friend's brother Marty's ever name-changing (click here to witness the slight alterations over the years) band. Well, one of his bands. (He's also in Turn Pale.) Marty's a dreamy, indie, vegan type that the dreamy, indie, vegan type that lives somewhere inside my overweight, increasingly conservative (in dress, not politics), omnivorous body has always wanted to openly lust after would it not be considered a little sick considering he's my best friend's brother. You know what I mean. It wouldn't work, of course, because he's obviously far cooler than I. Anyhow, Panoply is a wondrous little post-punk/art-rock outfit that sounds a little like what I imagine pop music sounding like in the future—or on other planets. This double cover might be disconcerting to those conditioned by traditional pop music (or to Supertramp purists, if there are such beasts), but I highly recommend it to the more musically adventurous or to fans of bands such as Sonic Youth, Nation of Ulysses or Q and not U and the like.
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