Thursday, April 29, 2004

Here's the deal:

Actually, there are two deals. The first is that I've been too busy at work and at home to post new songs. See, my computer is slowly dying and what I thought might be a worm or a virus or a trojan is actually just the death rattle of a 4-year-old hard disk. So, rather than uploading songs here, I've spent the past few days burning all important files in my computer to CD-Rs in case anything dire happens. Also, I'm expecting company this weekend, and have been doing my best to use what little free time I've had to do laundry and dishes and the like so my guest won't know the true depths of my slobbishness. That's why there hasn't been a new song. Once I'm done with these massive projects, I will post more songs—until my computer finally bites it, of course.

The second deal is this: Those of you who, like me, have been having problems properly utilizing the Atom XML feed for this page on other sites should know that this problem has been caused by the dash that begins my URL. This means the URL will have to change. Though you can still read the entries up until this point at the old address for now, as far as I know, the new official URL for this site is now:

Therefore, the Atom XML feed is:

If you have a site that is linking to mine, please change it to reflect the new address.

So, there you go. Make a note of it. I'll be back soon, hopefully with brilliant/terrifying covers and sparklingly witty commentary.

Love, Liza

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