Monday, April 05, 2004

The shit that I promote.

  • Mull Historical Society "It Takes More" (Ms. Dynamite cover)
    I love this track and I'm posting it because I think more people need to get interested in Ms. Dynamite and the "It Takes More" is a perfect empowering single to start with—kind of like Latifah's "U.N.I.T.Y." anthem, only easier to dance to. And if it takes a rendition (which is pretty damned good, by the way) by a white, Scottish singer-songwriter to get people to check out the original, so be it. About a week ago, I mistakenly (on a day when my stars were apparently in a Let Liza Find A Cover She Honestly Likes When She's Not Even Looking For A Cover alignment) stumbled on this track—which I later discovered was the result of a stint the Mull Historical Society did on the Re:Covered series on BBC Three—and have been listening to it frequently since. I love happy accidents. Subsequently, I've also grown to love MHS's quirky, hook-laden full-length albums. Probably not too surprising to those who know the true depths of my love for anything remotely related to Olivia Newton-John, my favorite track from said albums is one entitled "Watching Xanadu," which is a powerpoppy piece of bubblegum that melts in my mouth. If you like what you hear here, you should definitely try to check it out.

  • Feed "Debaser" (Pixies cover)
    In the long-standing tradition of the Japanese somehow managing to make almost everything better (but significantly stranger) than anyone else in the world can, Feed has outdone itself toward continuing that stereotype with its stark dub version of "Debaser." Unlike the seemingly millions of more banal Pixies tributes out there—which, to be fair, themselves have at least a track or two that are interesting or otherwise worthwhile —the Japanese Tribute to the Pixies CD is the funny exotic cousin with iffy English to predictable compilations like the Where is My Mind? tribute. (Reel Big Fish??? Covering another band's song??? I've never heard of such nonsense! I won't believe it 'til I see it!) And maybe it's because I just subjected myself to the disturbing Japanese film The Audition on IFC the other night, but I can't help but picture the lead singer of Feed literally "slicing up eyeballs" as she apathetically recites the lyrics. Creeeeepy. Also, the "vocals" of the chien in the background? Magnifique! Insane, but magnifique.
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