Tuesday, April 27, 2004

We're cool, we're different, and we hate things.

  • David Peel "With a Little Help from my Friends" (Beatles cover)
    I suppose the accusations that my last entry was too "mainstream" has led us to this track today. There's little I can say about anarchist hippie street singer David Peel that can't be found here at his "official online shrine." Well, except, perhaps, that even the most avant-garde, anti-establishment anarchist still craves validation from mainstream celebrities (such as John Lennon, Jim Morrisson, Rod Stewart, etc.)—going so far as to pledge allegiance to them in spoken-word recordings and getting them to produce albums for him—in order to further his own alt.celebrity. Yep, and it takes a real rebel to continue for years to bring up said alliances. So, yeah. Mainstream? Underground? Indie? Top 40? Awesome? Awful? Whatever. If you like it, you like it. If you don't, you don't. I'm just showing people what's out there, trying my best to keep in mind that not everyone has the exact same pool of influence from which to draw*.

    Taken from the third installment of the Exotic Beatles series, this track is actually not only Peel's interesting ska-soaked cover, but begins with a snippet of an interview John and Yoko gave about him (from Peel's John Lennon for President album) as well as the aforementioned "pledge of allegiance" piece (from his Bring Back the Beatles album).

    *For instance, I'd never heard Dynamite Hack's NWA cover on the radio—because I don't really listen to the radio—nor had I seen the video or anything. I just found it while cover hunting and shared it.

  • The Dillinger Escape Plan feat. Mike Patton "Like I Love You" (Justin Timberlake cover)
    I'm sharing this bootleg primarily because the gal overheard in the beginning cracks me up. She's so amused that DEP is covering JT, it's almost as if she'd never been to a concert before. I mean, I'm certainly not an expert in grindcore or whatever genre these cats fit into, but I know for certain that any band with which avant-metal guru Mike Patton is performing is likely to pull some random pop song from the charts to cover. What's more shocking and amusing to me about this track than the fact that (gasp!) a hardcore band might cover a JT hit, is that they would do such a faithful rendition of it. Seriously, if they'd tortured it the way Durst & Co. tortured "Faith," it wouldn't be here. \m/
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