Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Golden blunders come in pairs.

All day I kept thinking I'd get a chance to posts these, and all day the chance never arrived. Now I'm home and, admittedly, quite a bit drunk and feel the need to just get it all out of the way. Hope you're cool with that.

  • Ringo Starr "Golden Blunders" (Posies cover)
    You can't swing your arms on Soulseek without hitting an indie cover of a more mainstream artist, but the opposite is rarely true. Alas, I present you with the least popular (but most indie, by far) Beatle covering the Posies' epic poppy tale of unwanted pregnancy. Not terribly good, really, but interesting just because it exists.

    Note: The Posies' Dear 23, from whence the original surfaced, was one of my most-listened-to albums of the early '90s—you know, back when I was deep and depressed but still excessively commercial and accessible.

  • Lb (aka Lassigue Bendthaus) "Angie" (Rolling Stones cover)
    Uwe so crazy! (Heh. I kill me!) Perhaps you're familiar with Uwe Schmidt's pseudonym Señor Coconut and his Latin Kraftwerk cover album. If not, there's this c-r-a-z-y German DJ (aka DJ Atom Heart) who loves electronic music who did a Latin-lounge Kraftwerk cover album under the name Señor Coconut. So there you go. Today's featured cover, conversely, comes from Pop Artificielle, his album of non-Latin, glitchy, electronic covers of random hits that he recorded and released under the pseudonym Lb (or Lassigue Bendthaus), which is pretty damned cool—especially considering he somehow managed to make ABC's "Be Near Me" almost seem like a good song.
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    Anonymous said...

    Hi Uwe Shmidt AKA Atom Heart / Senor Coconut etc etc. Is far more than A crazy DJ probably the most accomplished electronic musician on the planet. Having released close to 300 albums in 20 years. Has done alot of covers . Pop Artificielle is genius. Also check his Son of A Glitch 2006 release. Just thought i should have a rant about this electronic master.

    The Marionette