Monday, December 19, 2005

Careful what you wish for!

So, a few people have e-mailed or commented that they want Christmas covers. Admittedly, I was quite gung-ho about Christmas covers last December. This year, I just haven't been feeling the same holiday energy. (Seasonal Affective Disorder, anyone?) But far be it for me to deny the masses what they crave. Of course, asking me for ANY covers will run you the risk that I you will hate most of what I post, but you knew that already, I hope.

Wham's "Last Christmas" as covered by:
  • Asmodi Bizarr
  • Atomic Kitten
  • Crazy Frog
    There are things even I can't believe have gained popularity anywhere ever, and Crazy Frog is certainly one of them.
  • Dexter Freebish
  • Erlend Oye
    The best of the lot, by far.
  • Hawk Nelson
  • Hilary Duff
  • Human Nature
  • Jamelia
  • Noorkuu
  • Physical Motion
  • Raphael "La Ultima Navidad" (That means it's in Spanish!)
  • Rod Dodd and V/Vm
  • Roses are Red
  • Vasco and Millboy feat. Thomas B.

    Note: This is representative of only about a quarter of the "Last Christmas" covers I have.
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