Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Put him in the scuppers with a hosepipe on him.

I started commenting on these tracks last night and thought I might get a chance to finish today, but it's been so long since I posted that I thought I should just go ahead and leave some with paltry information and insights. Basically, these are a handful of experimental/electronic tracks—some more avant-garde than others, some simply electroclash, some just using one or two effects here and there. All potentially insane.

[The Threadless sale ends Thursday, just so you know. They just printed a few new shirts in addition to reprinting a few, one of which I'd peen pining for for ages! Yay!]

  • Fifty Foot Hose "God Bless the Child" (Billie Holiday cover)
    This band from the psych era would actually pretty mainstream and jazz-folky if it weren't for the bizarre electronic noises they chose to throw in over the vocals. Ah, the experimentation of the '60s!

  • Claude Denjean & the Moog Synthesizer "Big Yellow Taxi" (Joni Mitchell cover)
    Wow. It was definitely difficult to narrow it down to one track by this Moog pioneer, but this track definitely makes me the happiest. In fact, I played this for my friends Ray and Eric a week or so ago and we giggled throughout the whole thing. Reminds me of a Casio demo track. Or the soundtrack to my nightmares involving clowns. "Oooooh ... chop, chop, chop!"

  • Elektric Music "Baby Come Back" (The Equals cover)
    Hmm. So this guy once played with Kraftwerk and Electronic, huh? I'd expect this to be far more palatable than it is. Still, it's nice to be reminded of pre-"Electric Avenue" Eddy Grant.

  • Cylob "Drunken Sailor" (Traditional)
    Um. Okay.

  • Fragments "Nutbush City Limits" (Ike & Tina Turner cover)
    I can't find out anything about Fragments except they had a few 7-inches in 1980. Anyone know anything else?

  • The Droyds "Take Me I'm Yours" (Squeeze cover)
  • The Droyds "Take Me I'm Yours (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)" (Squeeze cover)
    I think I like the remix better, if for no other reason than the "I come across my camel" line makes me giggle.

  • Hybrid Kids (Morgan Fisher) "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" (Righteous Brothers cover)
    If I saw this at an open-mic poetry night, I'd be intrigued. For a minute. Then annoyed. Not unlike Blixa Bargeld reading hardware catalogs.

  • Brad Walsh feat. Kathy C. "100 Percent Pure Love" (Crystal Waters cover)
    I heart Brad Walsh. Visit his music page for some remixes as well as his cover of Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts," which I'm certain I posted or linked to a while back.

  • Ladytron "Oops, Oh My" (Tweet cover)
    I love masturbation jams, so I'm all about this.

  • Attic Plant "Sexx Laws" (Beck cover)
    Again, I don't know anything about Attic Plant, nor can I find any proof that they exist except for the fact that this track somehow wound up in my shuffle play.
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